Training Options

What is the best option for you?

Each program is affordable and flexible. Each individual starts with an introductory, free call with Missy to go over your own personalized programming that can be developed. Missy will touch base with you about your past exercise history and your goals!

At-Home Programming
Weekly programming guide programmed based on your goals. Missy will check in via email every week to answer questions and concerns.

At-Home Training
1 hour sessions at your home gym or backyard with weekly check-ins.

Virtual Training
1 hour virtual sessions with Missy through Zoom and FaceTime can be scheduled based on times and dates that you need.

Small Group Training
Have a few people in your neighborhood, office or family you would like to train with? Missy accepts group training options for those looking to workout with others to keep them accountable. Prices vary based on group size.

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